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Domain History of townofwesterly.com


About Westerly Government Website

The townofwesterly.com website was created to provide information to residents and visitors interested in knowing more about Westerly, Rhode Island. It is possible to obtain information on the government of the aforementioned island from the website. Citizens of Rhode Island can access information on the website, which includes news, updates, alerts, notifications, and downloadable forms. Please visit Estate Planning Lawyer News when you are done with the article.

Services on townofwesterly.com

The website of Westerly, Rhode Island government provides all the necessary things a citizen would like to know about their city. On the right side of the homepage, there’s a list of all the things necessary on the website. It has a link to the Town Council page, where we will see the Western Town Council for the year 2014-2016. Also, on the same page, it provides details about the regular workshop and meeting on the island that usually happen every first and third Monday of the month. The website also has a link to the different departments under Westerly town.

The following departments are the:

  • Animal Shelters
  • Assessor
  • Code Enforcement
  • Town Clerk
  • Town Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Tax Collection
  • Public Works Dept.
  • Elections
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Minimum Housing
  • Municipal Court
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Police Dept.
  • Purchasing
  • Conservation Commission
  • Recreation
  • Town Solicitor
  • Transfer Station
  • Water/Sewer
  • School Dept.

The townofwesterly.com also has a page for Municipal Fiber / Broadband Project. This page gives information about the expansions for the island. They also have an announcement on the same page about the Town, hosting public questions and answer at the Westerly Town Hall. Town staff will be present to answer questions from the public and to explain the fiber project for the community. There is also a link for reporting double poles to Michele Cinquegrano, Regional Director of Government Affairs in RI for Verizon. The website also has a link for a Comprehensive Plan for the citizens of Rhode Island. On the same link, it has a register link to what they’ve called EAlerts, so once the comprehensive plan is available, the citizens will know it right away.

The Town of Westerly Government website also has an Emergency Management service. Under the Emergency Management service, they offer a community notification system called codeRed for every citizen of Westerly, Rhode Island, to keep the citizens informed about General Alerts, Critical Community Alerts, and  Weather Warning notifications. If the citizen is not yet enrolled, they can register for free by clicking the link provided on the page. They also offer aerial maps of planned road closures and access points in a Hurricane or emergency flooding.

The website also provides a page for all the downloadable forms for the Town. The following forms are used for the Building office, Planning Dept., Zoning Dept., Town Clerks office, Accessor’s Office, Tax Collector’s office, and Water/Sewer Dept. It also has a Harbor Management Plan page where citizens can find the draft for the 2016 Harbor Management Plan. It also has a comment or feedback form for citizens to ask or know about the Harbor management plan. It also has a Hazard Mitigation plan which is adapted from the 2012 plan.

The website also provides information about Economic Development which is intended to provide new and existing businesses with guidance, assistance, resources, and information in dealing with Town and State regulations. Also, there is a Financial Report page, as per the website, they believe that transparency and accountability will inspire and benefits the citizens of the Town as they will find details of the Town’s General Fund accounts payable expenditures, as well as various other financial documents and reports.

The website allows citizens to know about the Land Records from 1850 to the present time. They also have a Property Revaluation page informing property owners to have their property reevaluated every three years. The Town’s website also provides an Employment page for those citizens who want to serve their town. They also have a page for Elected Officials, Appointed Boards, Committee, and Commissions for people to know the elected individuals in their Town. They also have a page for the Town Meetings Calendar for people to know the schedules of the town meetings. 

History about “Neighbor Day” of Westerly, Rhode Island

The website provides a particular page for the said celebration. It has been celebrated in the town of Westerly since 1993 and in the state of Rhode Island since 1994. It has also been celebrated in Boys Nation, which has been hosted by Daryl Finizio of Westerly since 1994.

In 1993, the town of Westerly was the scene of a tragic accident between youths, which resulted in the death of one and the loss of freedom for the other. As a result of this disaster, Neighbor Day was established with the goal of promoting equality, respect, dignity, justice, and, above all, love for our neighbors in our communities. It is critical for us to get to know our neighbors in order to complete this work successfully. Since the commencement of Neighbor Day, public open homes have been held to promote brotherhood among the residents of the neighborhood. These social gatherings are frequently organized by town officials, local companies, and business executives. Individual families also conduct open houses in which they invite friends and neighbors into their homes in order to strengthen bonds within their respective communities. Additionally, engagement by a simple letter, fax, or Internet (e-mail) identifying oneself and expressing true concern for one another is recommended as a means of fostering understanding.

In the hopes of bringing all neighbors together – past, present, and future – Neighbor Day will be a day for citizens of Rhode Island to celebrate and learn about what it is all about.

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